Texas Health People
Community Responsibility & Sustainability Report

Our People

At Texas Health, being an employer and workplace of choice are business imperatives. We make it a point to hire people who fit into our carefully crafted culture and who are committed to delivering excellent and compassionate care.


The influx of people moving to North Texas has increased demand and competition for top talent. Health systems across the state face a shortage of essential positions, such as qualified physicians and nurses.

Moreover, our workforce is changing. Millennials and Gen X’ers are placing more value on collaboration, flexibility and job variety, which is redefining how we engage, develop and retain employees.

How We're Addressing

Texas Health invests in being the employer and workplace of choice and works hard to preserve our reputation as a best place to work.

We have been advocating for state funding to expand family medicine and nursing residency programs statewide, and invest in our own development programs.

We also are evolving talent development to be more intentional and purposeful based on each employee’s role and interests. This will help us identify opportunities for meaningful work throughout the system.