Dietician and Patient
Community Responsibility & Sustainability Report

Our Patients

Texas Health strives to be recognized nationally as an excellent and innovative health care system that provides integrated, coordinated care across the continuum. Putting patients first and improving their health outcomes is at the heart of everything we do.


We are focused on delivering an exceptional patient experience characterized by compassion, clear communication and helpful navigation through each step of the care process.

Additionally, it is critical to reliably deliver safe and high-quality care that is evidence-based and scientifically sound. This will help keep consumers healthy and out of the hospital, and reduce health care costs.

How We're Addressing

Texas Health is making significant investments to provide its teams with the tools, processes and training to succeed. A care design and deployment initiative offers evidence-based practices and processes that will help us achieve the outcomes we desire.

To provide consumers with the right care at the right time by the right provider and in the right setting, we are forming accountable care organizations and aligning with specialty providers. This will help make care seamless and convenient for our consumers.