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Community Responsibility & Sustainability Report

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Our Journey to High Reliability

Texas Health spent the last decade transforming from a hospital-centric organization into a patient-centered, fully integrated health system. This journey focused on enhancing our culture, value and quality, and financial and organizational sustainability.

Now that completed this 10-year strategy, we are focused on improving affordability, innovation and reliability to meet the needs of our patients and consumers. We are creating new ways of providing care and doing business as well as redesigning current processes to meet the needs of the changing health care landscape.

To coordinate and lead these efforts, Texas Health created a System Integration and Innovation Office to translate key strategic initiatives into sustainable operations. This team is designing and deploying major strategic, clinical, and operational transformation initiatives across the system to improve organizational effectiveness, efficiency and clinical performance results.

Recognizing that our best must get better, Texas Health also is working to become a High Reliability Organization to consistently provide a safe, quality experience to all those we serve. This requires establishing reliable structures, tools and processes – as well as a strong culture to support them.

We are integrating these into the work we currently do and are forming the roadmap for how we will continue to advance our Mission to improve the health of the people in the communities we are so privileged to serve. Driven by our award-winning culture, combined with our united focus and efforts, we will create a patient-centered, consumer-driven, highly reliable health care system that will continue to transform health care for generations to come.