Texas Health Leadership, Barclay Berdan
Community Responsibility & Sustainability Report

Our Leadership

Leadership and Governance

Our Leadership

Our leaders are responsible for guiding the execution of our Mission, Vision, Values and Our Texas Health PromiseSM so that we can maintain organizational and financial sustainability. Each year, our leaders develop strategic plans, operationalize business objectives, engage employees and patients on key issues, evaluate performance and track outcomes to strengthen our health system.

Texas Health’s leaders bring tremendous clinical, business and operational expertise to our organization. They have various perspectives and competencies, possess an unwavering commitment to excellence, embed uncompromising values, aspirations and expectations throughout the system, and consistently evaluate and communicate our performance. Our executive management team is responsible for all facets of forward-looking strategy and current operational performance, leading our transformation into a fully integrated health system, and for improving financial and organizational sustainability.

Mission, Vision, Values, Texas Health Our Promise

Governance Structure

Texas Health designed its governance structure, board composition and policies to protect stakeholder and systemwide interests. Our governance structure achieves standardization, follows best practices and facilitates systemwide decision making, accountability and efficiency. Our governance system and leadership teams work hand-in-hand to align all parts of our organization toward quality and value, to integrate clinical services and to provide a continuum of care. The Joint Commission and the American Hospital Association Center for Healthcare Governance’s Blue Ribbon Panel have commended our well-established governance program.

Board of Trustees

Texas Health’s board of trustees is responsible for review and approval of all operational and financial strategies, as well as success measures for the entire system. The diverse group includes independent health care, business and community leaders who offer a range of professional competencies.

Together, they make strategic policies and decisions, oversee organizational performance and nurture stakeholder relationships. As befits our culture of servant leadership, our trustees are successful community leaders who are so passionate about health care in North Texas that they volunteer their time on the board out of a sense of community commitment and a desire to give back.

Ethics and Compliance

As a faith-based, nonprofit community health care provider, Texas Health is committed to operating ethically and conducting business safely, fairly, legally and with integrity. Since our inception, we have integrated our Values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence into our expectations for legal and ethical conduct. By so doing, we earn and maintain the trust of those we employ and serve.

Our Business Ethics and Compliance Program is designed to meet and exceed regulatory, legal and accreditation requirements. It is overseen by our chief compliance officer, Executive Leadership Committee, the board’s Audit and Compliance Committee, our System Compliance Committee and Business Ethics Council.

We provide mandatory ethics and compliance training for employees, volunteers, employed physicians, physician leaders and our board of trustees. Physicians agree to abide by medical staff bylaws and our Physician Code of Conduct, and we provide ethics and compliance materials at initial credentialing and at each recredentialing. Suppliers also must agree to comply with our ethics and compliance policies.

  • Reporting

    Employees and patients can anonymously report allegations of improprieties to supervisors, patient advocates, our chief compliance officer or CEO, or through a toll-free hotline without fear of retaliation. Per our policy, we investigate all incident reports and respond to actionable issues with the appropriate disciplinary action, including termination, if warranted. Confirmed violations are reported to senior leaders and the board. Physician violations are handled through disciplinary action under medical staff rules and regulations.

  • Compliance

    Texas Health operates in a complex legal and regulatory environment with numerous strict regulations and standards that are designed to ensure access to care, protect privacy, promote patient and workforce safety, and enforce public responsibility. Our Audit and Compliance Committee and senior leaders oversee compliance to avoid legal, financial, personal and reputational harm. In 2016, Texas Health fully complied with HIPAA training, supplier agreements, conflict of interest disclosures and other related requirements.

  • Privacy

    Texas Health is committed to responsibly and proactively safeguarding our patients’ health information from inappropriate use or disclosure. Federal and state privacy laws and regulations also govern how we use, disclose and protect health information. We have a privacy compliance program that provides for the management, oversight and coordination of our privacy policies. It also oversees training, auditing, monitoring, investigating and reporting unsecured information breaches. When privacy breaches occur, we notify applicable regulatory agencies and potentially impacted individuals. In 2016, no significant privacy breaches occurred.