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How Faith Informs our Mission and Work

“Our Mission at Texas Health is widely recognized by leaders and staff as a very special, a very sacred and a very humbling ministry—one in which God uses our hearts, heads and hands to manifest His healing power,” said Jeffrey Canose, M.D., FACHE, senior executive vice president and chief operating officer. “We think it is a calling from almighty God for us to be doing this work. We have a very daunting obligation to the people who entrust their care to us at the most vulnerable moments of their life. It doesn’t get any more intensely personal than that.”

From the Corner Office

At Texas Health Resources, CEO Barclay E. Berdan leads a team dedicated to improving the health of millions of people in north central Texas. To achieve this mission, he works to embed the purpose of corporate citizenship—to deliver value to both business and society—into the company’s broader operations.

“At Texas Health, we believe it is our social responsibility to improve the well-being of society through strategic community health initiatives, reliable access to care, and innovation. That’s why we’ve spent the last decade transforming from a hospital-centric organization into a patient-centered, fully integrated health system. This journey has focused on enhancing our culture, value, and quality, and financial and organizational sustainability.

At the heart of this initiative are our nearly 23,000 employees, who continue to embody the caring and compassionate values that make Texas Health one of the best health systems in the nation and one of the largest employers in North Texas. Health care is a hands-on, human-centered business and how we treat our employees affects how they treat the people we serve. Our benefits, compensation, recognition and development programs are thoughtfully designed and managed to recruit and retain the best people.

As the U.S. health care industry continues to change at breakneck speeds, we recognize that even our best must get better. Driven by our culture and strategic health and well-being initiatives, we are well-positioned to meet the challenges and demands of the new health care economy.”