Our facilities are nestled within culturally and linguistically diverse neighborhoods in urban, suburban and rural communities As a nonprofit health system, we are exempt from federal taxes under the Internal Revenue Code. We also are the sole shareholder of Texas Health Physicians Group1, a 5.01(a) physician organization.

To reduce financial risk and avoid tremendous capital outlays, we forge strategic affiliations to grow and increase our competitiveness. For example, we joined forces with Aetna® and created a health plan company to deliver more affordable, high-quality and better-coordinated care to employers in North Texas through Texas Health Aetna. We also affiliated with the UT Southwestern Medical Center® to create Southwestern Health Resources, a clinically integrated care network of more than 3,000 doctors, 31 hospital locations and more than 650 outpatient facilities and clinics.

Texas Health's Services Include:

Texas Health serves as a critical economic engine that provides wages and jobs, revenue and local business to suppliers in our 16-county service area.

Recognizing that the population of our service area is projected to increase by 47.7 percent by 20502, we are making investments now so that we have the financial reserves we need to maintain adequate operating capital and advance innovation and growth. As payments for health care services provided in our hospitals continue to decline, we must continue to counterbalance these challenges and ensure that we remain committed to our Mission.

"We want to earn the trust and lifetime loyalty of the people we serve." Barclay Berdan,
Texas Health CEO

As employees who also live, work and play in North Texas, we care about the health of our family, colleagues and neighbors. We want them to come to us with any health issue large or small – from having a baby, to receiving an annual physical, to managing diabetes or treating cancer.

Our reputation is based on the quality of our care and how compassionately, reliably and affordably we deliver it. To understand consumers’ most pressing health care needs and preferences, we conduct formal assessments as well as solicit their feedback. We’ve learned that some people want conveniences, such as virtual care programs or neighborhood health clinics. Others want to see the most experienced specialists in town. And everyone wants the best care for the best price.

In this report, you will learn more about how we are delivering a seamless, holistic experience across the entire system that meets consumers where they are. In fact, we appointed a chief experience officer in 2017 to lead these efforts and to customize products and services based on their interests.

To effectively improve the health of the people in the communities we serve, we recognize we must cultivate and maintain a culture of excellence to fulfill our Mission. We achieve this through:

Operational Effectiveness
Innovative Care
High-Performing Culture